National Armed Forces FreedomRide-Wisconsin

Helping end Veteran Homelessness in Wisconsin

                Our Mission

The purpose is to Honor Armed Forces Day   and to Salute all those in military.

Those of the past, the present, and those that still stand serving today.  

They have put their lives in danger everyday to protect our Country and to keep our freedom in the United States.


  "Freedom Is Not Free"     

Armed Forces Day is a day to honor every segment of the United States Military. Armed Forces Day is a day to fly a flag and to share as a family fond feelings for the powerful force that seeks to preserve peace in the world.  

To many lives have repeatedly paid the debts through the years of Battles in War by protecting our Security and giving us our Freedom.

We may not agree with the reason or cause of these battles in which they fight, but it is vital that we stand proudly and show the Pride and Support we hold for all these Brave men and women,that have Served our Country,and those that still Bravely stand to Serve.

We hold Hope and wait for them to return home after the battle is fought,and I to join us with a showing of Support that they so deserve to know and see.

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        Press Release

This National Armed Forces FreedomRide team is very excited to be putting together one of the largest National events/rides taking place on Armed Forces Day every year.  

More than 30 States now hold an annual Celebration on Armed Forces Day to recognize and honor our Armed Forces,Veterans,Troops,POW,MIA,KIA,and their Family's .



The vision now spans from Washington to Maine,and is seen and heard through parades, ceremonies, dedications, and/or ride events.   

This event was one woman’s vision of spreading the word to bring back awareness of this holiday that has been slowly losing its recognition.  

We have called upon the United States to participate.  

This National event/ride is not only for motorcycles but for anyone who would like to show their support for our Military.

It all began with a personal vision and followed Mission by recruiting Volunteers as State Ride Coordinators, that now Stands United as a Team ~  

We are encouraging all Americans to show their support on this day by joining us at this event, hang a flag outside your home and taking a moment to say

“Thank You” to a Armed Forces,Troops and Veterans.

Founder & National Coordinator 
Cathy Hopper "Gypsy"


Countdown to the 5th NAFFR

Countdown to the 5th NAFFR-WI

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